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25-Apr-2017 03:24

We can double click on both of the Button controls on the form to add event handlers for the click events. If you want to disable just client side validation for a specific validation control, you can set the control’s Enable Client Script property to false. NET will always execute validation checks on the server when a button click event arrives requiring validation.

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Validation is complete by the time you reach a click event.

We have seen the Required Field Validator in our first sample program, let’s move on to examine the rest of the controls.

Mar 1, 2011. See if this helps for bypassing the Validation of a TextBox. 1 TextBox, 1 Button. MsgBox"TextBox Validation was Canceled" '// for testing.… continue reading »

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May 24, 2014. The solution above worked well until I added a "Cancel" button to the form. Again, the CellValidating event is fired before the Button_Click event.… continue reading »

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Aug 8, 2016. XtraDialog validates an input even when the "Cancel" button is. I also agree with you that pressing the ESC button should not lead to the form's validation. you handle the XtraDialogForm. FormClosing event as follows C#.… continue reading »

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Validating event I don't want to execute when the user clicks on the form "X" button to close the form. Can you tell me how to stop the code from.… continue reading »

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It would be best to disable validations only on press of CANCEL button, which could be achieved in an isolated way on CANCEL button only.… continue reading »

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